Oportun Credit Card, Login and Services

Below you will find helpful information about Oportun credit card login, payments, loan access, and customer care service.

Oportun offers affordable loans and credit card solutions to people who are often excluded from the financial mainstream. It was founded around 2006 and since then it has disbursed over 5.6 million loans and credit cards.

Oportun has helped over 1 million people build a decent credit score and credit history.


Oportun offers several different services including: –

  • Personal loans
  • Credit cards (Oportun Visa Credit Cards)
  • Saving
  • Investments (Via the Oportun Digit Savings and Investment App)
  • Financial Education

Online Access (Oportun Credit Card Login)

It’s very easy to make your payments via oportun credit card payment login. Customers of Oportun can pay via different channels: –

  • Bank transfers
  • Debit Cards
  • Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • By Phone
  • In Person
  • Mail

Login to Oportun to manage your Cards and Account.

Oportun Credit Card Reviews & Ratings

Oportun has a 5-Star rating on Google Reviews. It has been reviewed over 60,000 times on Google and Trustpilot.

How to Contact Oportun Credit Card Customer Service

Oportun has a very robust customer service hotline option. You can reach them by calls, messages, and even by mail.

If you’re an Oportun customer, you can text the official bot using the phone number associated with your account. It can answer simple questions like what your loan balance is, your next due date, and the payment amount. It even accepts payments. Text (650) 425-3419.

Visit their Contact Us | Oportun to see other options.

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